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Welcome to this tiny little place!
You can call me Yun.

I'm just your regular fangirl with lots of feelings for lots of people, specially Kis-My-Ft2 and Hey! Say! JUMP.
What you'll find here is occasional fangirling, two or three posts per year lol and random blahblah from my daily life. I do try to review mangas and or stuff I've been watching/reading/etc. too, and that'd be it? (Maybe I'll have more stuff someday, like icons or something)
It's kind of a semi-hiatus lj but I do like to write here, entries are 50-50 friend locked and public.

My mother language is Spanish, so I may have lots of grammar mistakes here, I apologize in advance.
That being said, check my profile for a bit more info about me and add me if you're interested :D
I'm terrible with introduction posts, I know. :')
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17 September 2016 @ 09:45 pm

KitaMitsu is now 31

Hey there! Since it's Mitsu's birthday I tried to make a few phone wallpapers,
they're all 960x540 and kind of HQ, I tried my best on that.
This entry will be forever public, share if you like them and please leave me a comment if you can, I would like to try and make more fandom edits like these but I'm super new at this kind of posting haha. This batch is basically 32 wallpapers featuring Kitayama only and a few more that I ended up making (and I'll probably add some with SM2 since I'm lacking there). Just right-click them and save for full resolution!
I hope you like them! sobs

Wallies!Collapse )
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