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Because, you know, I've changed and I'm not the same girl who made this account 5 years ago.
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04 January 2015 @ 10:58 pm


Este es el post anual en que digo feliz año nuevo, deseo que tengan todos un muy exitoso 2015 y me disculpo también porque prácticamente no publico cosas XD Básicamente, soy pésima para tener blogs, casi no los mantengo y livejournal lo ocupo más para comentar en los post de otros (como en descargas y esas cositas) que para compartir mi vida u-u
2014 was a nice year, I passed all my things at uni :DDDD and I really hope I can do better this new year, I'll try to achieve lots of new and good things but I can't promise I'll post more often, I'm terrible with this XD
I do hope you all have a beautiful 2015, with lots of love, health, fun times, success, growing and sparkles because life without sparkles isn't as fun. u_ú
Anyways, let's enjoy the new yeeeear :D

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